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Security Services for Financial Institutions

Protecting Financial Assets with Expert Security Guard Services

Security guard services in the financial security industry are important to provide a safe working environment for the people that work in these financial institutions as well as the customers. These services include the employment of specialized security guards for close physical security, surveillance, conduct of security checks for entry and exit points, and promotional duties to prevent unauthorized or hostile access. Furthermore, security guards are armed with professional tools in such that they are capable of responding to the emergency incidences appropriately and within the shortest time possible thus reducing the effects of the same.

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Deter theft and robbery

Cashiering officers also enjoyed the presence of security guards because they reduce incidents of robberies of cash, valuables, and financial instruments such as cashier’s checks.

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Secure cash handling

Currently guards can walk high-density deposits, oversee the ATMs activities and guarantee compliance with sound cash handling standard.


Access control

Deal with guards who patrol and/or man checkpoints to prevent people from accessing restricted areas such as the strong room, computer room, and cash, or safety deposit boxes among others.

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