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Reliable Gunman Security Services

Professional Gunman Security Services - Expert Protection Solutions

our Gunman Services provide high class personal protection,. assets and event protection . A set of highly skilled and trained gunmen is at your disposal with state of the art tactical skills and firing range training to provide personal security protection to the valued clients in various terrains. Emphasizing the high level of professionalism and confidentiality, our gunmen guarantee a powerful supplementary security, the ability to quickly address threats and take adequate measures.

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Handling and Safety

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Legal and Policy Compliance

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Threat Assessment and Response

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Crime Prevention and Detection

Why to hire Gunmans from LDS?


Enhanced Crisis Management


Customized Security Strategies


Public Safety and Confidence


Effective Crime Prevention

Gunman Responsibilty

Key responsibilities of Gunman

Security Checks

Security Checks

Searching individuals, vehicles and their belonging to ensure there is no contraband or prohibited article, material or person is brought into or taken out of the establishment.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Being a security guard requiring answering security calls, alarms or emergencies including fire outbreaks, medical issues, or even crimes and then assessing the risks that are associated with such security occurrences.

Crowd Control

Crowd Control

Controlling large groups during activities, meeting or times which there are high traffic to ensure that there is no chaos and people around are safe.

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Both by observing the cameras and alarms that transmits security threats of breaches as it happens.