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Best Armed PSO Services - LDS your Trusted Security Guard Agency

Armed PSOs are our most demanded services as they offer professional guarding to high-profile celebrities, business tycoons, and VVIPs. Crisis management and armed guard services, armed with the best firearms training and tactical knowledge, they provide professional, anonymous protection and guarantees the confidentiality of our clients. The Armed PSOs we recruit are expected to conduct risk analysis and evaluation, as well as provide security solutions to address concerns as they arise.
PSO Guard Services that is specialized in armed personal security officer services is provided at LDS to ensure our clients receive the highest level of security since their security is under threat from high profile security risks. All our armed and unarmed PSOs are well-trained individuals endowed with severe experience in personal protection services to guarantee your security no matter the circumstances. Regardless of what type of sector you or your company would fall under – whether you are an executive, celebrity or personal bodyguard, all our armed PSOs/models provide armed security with precision and DISCRETION!

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Enforcement Duties

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Public Safety and Assistance

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Documentation and Reporting

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Community Engagement

Why to hire Security Guards from LDS?

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Protection of Assets

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Versatility in Duties

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Public Confidence

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Rapid Response to Threats

Security Guad Super Responsibilty

Key responsibilities of Personal Security Officer (PSO)

Protection of Client

Protection of Client

First, to safeguard the security of the client through protecting and offering personal security services to the client wherever he or she goes.

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Threat Assessment

Performing risk analysis and risk evaluation in order to establish the possible security risks that may threaten the security of the client.

Security Planning

Security Planning

Security awareness training aimed at enhancing the existing security systems based on the client’s characteristics.

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Surveillance and Monitoring

It involves overseeing the environment within which the client is located and assessing their environment for signs of threats or a breach in security.