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Securing Homes, Defending Dreams.

Residential Security

At LDS Guarding Solutions Pvt Ltd, we understand that your home is your sanctuary, and ensuring its safety and security is paramount. Our Residential Security Solutions are designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones and property are protected round the clock.

Crime Prevention

Protection of Property

Personal Safety

Remote Monitoring and Control

Emergency Response Coordination

Insurance Benefits

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Safeguarding Industry, Protecting Progress

Executive Protection

Personalized security services for executives and corporate leaders, offering comprehensive protection both at home and during travel.

Personal Safety and Security

Threat Assessment and Risk Management

Discreet Protection

Protection of Reputation

Crisis Management

Confidentiality and Privacy

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Securing Homes, Defending Dreams.

VIP Protection

Specialized security measures for VIPs, diplomats, and government officials, including advanced threat assessments and close protection details.

Discreet and Professional Service

Secure Transportation

Event Security

Emergency Response

Confidentiality and Privacy

Preservation of Reputation:


Fortifying Businesses, Safeguarding Success

Estate Security

Comprehensive security solutions for large residential estates, including perimeter security, access control, and manned patrols to safeguard against intrusions and unauthorized access.

Protection of Property

Privacy and Exclusivity

Customized Security Solutions

Secure Access Control

Asset and Landscape Protection

Property Value Enhancement

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Securing Institutions, Empowering Excellence.

Gated Community Security

Security services tailored for gated communities and residential complexes, ensuring the safety and security of residents through controlled access and vigilant surveillance.

Controlled Access

Crime Deterrence

Enhanced Privacy

Safety for Residents

Traffic Control

Community Cohesion

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Ensuring Safety with Vigilant Strength

High-Value Property Protection

Specialized security measures for high-value residential properties, including luxury homes, vacation villas, and waterfront estates, to prevent theft, vandalism, and other security threats.

Asset Protection

Enhanced Security Measures

Personal Safety

Privacy and Exclusivity

Property Value Preservation

Insurance Benefits

residential patrol

Securing Homes, Defending Dreams.

Residential Patrol Services

Regular patrols by trained security personnel to monitor residential neighbourhood, deter criminal activity, and provide rapid response to emergencies.

Visible Deterrence

Quick Response to Emergencies

Customized Security Plans

Community Engagement

Traffic Control and Parking Enforcement

Property Checks

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Fortifying Businesses, Safeguarding Success

Alarm Monitoring and Response

24/7 monitoring of residential alarm systems, with prompt response and dispatch of security personnel in case of alarms or security breaches.

Immediate Response to Threats

Deterrence of Criminal Activity

Enhanced Protection of Property and Assets

Fire and Smoke Detection

Medical Emergency Response

Continuous Monitoring

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Securing Institutions, Empowering Excellence.

Home Security Assessments

Comprehensive security assessments of residential properties to identify vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate security measures to enhance protection.

Identification of Security Weaknesses

Customized Security Recommendations

Effective Use of Resources

Enhanced Safety and Protection

Prevention of Crime

Integration of Security Technologies

Family Security Planning

Ensuring Safety with Vigilant Strength

Family Security Planning

Personalized security planning and training for families, including emergency preparedness, evacuation procedures, and safe room design to ensure the safety of all family members.

Protection of Family Members

Communication and Coordination

Home Security Measures

Financial Security

Education and Training

Evacuation and Shelter Plans